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How to Record iPhone Calls: Apps & Devices

RECAP audio adapters record mobile calls

This article will cover how to record iPhone calls. Maybe that’s not a task we plan to do every day, but eventually the day comes that we just wish we’re able to record that one call for future reference.

When it comes to recording calls in your iPhone you have two options:

  • Use an App in your phone
  • Use an external recorder

Ofcourse at first sight the App approach seem the obvious choice, however due to Apple’s restrictions on call recording. There’s no perfect app to do the job. Here’s an overview of the most popular apps, as well as their pros/cons:

How to Record iPhone Calls

Software options:

The main advantage of the software options is that you don’t need to carry extra gear. The down side of the software option, I’ve been told is the reliability: sometimes it just doesn’t work when you need.

Google Voice: requires you to create a Google phone number (free). Works with domestic (US) calls only and can only record inbound calls. It provides a recorded announcement when you start recording, so the other party know call is being recorded. I’d say this is the best software option for call recording. Just be sure to understand the limitations listed above.

how to record iphone callsWeTalkthe advantage of this apps over Google Voice is that it allows you to record outgoing calls. However this is not a free app. You pay per phone call. Below is their price list. It’s important to understand a bit how this app works. With this app your calls will be routed through that company’s servers, so that they can store your call and then send it to you.  I personally don’t really like that approach. I’d rather not have my calls routed through a company I know little about them and they security measures about some one breaching their system and stealing my data. Link: App download /  Company website


Hardware options:

Hardware adapters is general have the advantage that it can record both incoming and outgoing calls, and also that the recordings are stored locally and not in the cloud. So if data security is a concern for you, you must seriously consider this a hardware method.

Olympus TP-7: 
you put this device in your ear and connect its output to a voice recorder. The device has two built-in mics. One to pick up your voice and the other in the other to pick up the other party’s voice. This seem to be an easy to use device, but I wonder if it would pick up any noise when it rubs against the phone during a call. Another potential disadvantage of this device is that it only records in mono, that is both your voice and the other party’s voice is in the same channel. This makes post processing (to clear up the call) harder. This device can be purchased in Amazon for $59.95how to record iphone calls with audio adapter

RECAP audio adapters: are similar to the Olympus device in the sense that it outputs the audio to a Digital Voice Recorder. RECAP has a few advantages: it goes inline between the headset and the phone, so it picks up the audio signal directly instead of picking it up over the air as in the Olympus. Another advantage is that the RECAP model S2 records in stereo. One channel for your voice and the other for the other party’s voice. Another fact, is that RECAP is also available in the model C, which let you record the call into device with a combo port, such as iPhone and iPad.

RECAP audio adapters record mobile calls


That wraps up my quick article on how to record iPhone calls. I listed both software and hardware options so you can choose which is most appropriate for you. Also, even though I’m the creator of the RECAP devices, I did my best to be impartial and direct in my analysis!  Thanks for reading!