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I’m a professional and I need the best recording I can get. Which Recap model should I get?

If you’re a professional or need the best recording you can get, I recommend RECAP S2 so that you record your calls in stereo. One channel for picks up your audio; the other channel the other side of the call.

Separate channels are ideal for audio processing. If you have an unbalance call volume (one side much louder than the other), you can use a software audio tool, such as Audacity, to amplify audio of one channel and balance it out.

For Recap S2 you need a digital voice recorder or PC with stereo microphone port.

Get RECAP S2 for stereo recording!

I want to record to a phone or tablet


If you want to record to devices

  • iPhone 4 or above
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Android Phone
  • Android Tablet
  • Nokia phone NOT SUPPORTED


Record to a MAC

MACBOOK-AIR-headset-jack-300x119If you have a Mac Book Air or Mac Book Pro with a single audio port, verify here if it supports and “external mic”. If it does, get RECAP C.




Record to a PC

If your PC has a Mic port such as shown below, you should get RECAP S2.

 Image of audio ports on a notebook.

If you have a PC tablet, and it only have one connector, then it may have a combo port.  In this case get RECAP C



Both RECAP models record FROM devices with a Combo port.

If you want to record TO a device that has a Combo port? Then choose RECAP C

If you have a Apple computer, such as Mac Book Air and Mac Book Pro, read this

If you want to record TO a device that has a Standard mic port? Then choose RECAP S2



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