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To assist you deciding which RECAP is the right for you, we’re prepared this page.


Record to a phone or tablet


If you want to record to devices

  • iPhone 4 or above
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Android Phone
  • Android Tablet
  • Nokia phone NOT SUPPORTED


Record to a MAC

MACBOOK-AIR-headset-jack-300x119If you have a Mac Book Air or Mac Book Pro with a single audio port, verify here if it supports and “external mic”. If it does, get RECAP C.




Record to a PC

If your PC has a Mic port such as shown below, you should get RECAP S2.

 Image of audio ports on a notebook.

If you have a PC tablet, and it only have one connector, then it may have a combo port.  In this case get RECAP C



Both RECAP models record FROM devices with a Combo port.

If you want to record TO a device that has a Combo port? Then choose RECAP C

If you have a Apple computer, such as Mac Book Air and Mac Book Pro, read this

If you want to record TO a device that has a Standard mic port? Then choose RECAP S2



Still need help deciding? Drop us a line!

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