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RECAP is a small audio adapter which plugs into your phone and let you record calls directly into another device.

No fees, no 3-way call, no big brother. Simple, secure and private.

You can RECORD:

  • Both incoming and outgoing calls,
  • Both sides of the call,
  • Calls and any audio: Skype, Vonage, Voicemail,
  • With virtually any device: iPhone, Android, PC, Mac.

Simple Device

Works as a simple audio splitter.

Call is captured and its signal converted such that it looks like an ‘external mic’ for recording devices. All is done in hardware so no special apps are required!

Private Recordings

Recordings are stored locally. No cloud risks.

Keep recordings local for your ultimate privacy. Few days pass by without news of data-breach in cloud servers. Think twice before trusting your data to 3rd party servers.


Works on iPhone, Android, Mac, PC and many other devices.

No apps required. Never goes outdated. Will work on any future device with compatible audio port.

RECAP is the perfect recording solution for…


Don’t slow down your important business meetings or client calls jotting down notes & asking people to repeat what they just said. Just record the entire call and create meeting minutes or action items after the hanging up!! People will thank you!  As a bonus you may even email them the MP3 of the recording for their records as well!

Podcasters & Reporters

I’m sure you’re looking for a low-cost and easy way to route the call audio from your guest interviews into your favorite broadcasting or recording device. Yes, RECAP let you talk normally on a phone call and get that audio into your powerful recording software to manipulate the audio as needed. No need to lose time recording in one spot, then transferring to your computer.


Record calls with family members, cable company.  Remember all recorded calls will be stored locally in your computer, so no need to worry about your data being stolen in the cloud. No need to rely on 3rd party companies for securing YOUR personal information.

Available in two models

Both RECAP models record calls from iPhone, Android and other device with a combo port.

recap audio adapter record call pcModel S2: let you record to devices with a standard mic input, such as most PCs and Digital Voice Recorders.

Help me Choose

Not sure which RECAP model to buy? Let us guide you.

recap audio adapter record iphone calls

Model C: let you record to devices with a combo port, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Apple Computers and other devices.

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