Ever needed to record an important phone call? RECAP can help.

RECAP is a gadget the plugs-in iPhone and Android phones and lets you record calls on the computer while you talk normally using your headset. Both sides of the call are recorded.

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  1. Lisa Greene (verified owner)

    Love the Recap S2. It was exactly what I was looking for.

    Recap S2 works great! I got it about a month ago, but wanted to wait until I’ve used it a bit before writing my testimonial. I record all of my client sessions over the phone, so I was looking for something that worked well to record BOTH sides of a conversation on my Iphone (no app worked well at all!) and was a bit dubious about the Recap, but decided to try it considering they have a good return policy. It was exactly what I needed. I was used to recording my landline phone sessions on Audacity, and I like that the Recap works with it as well. I had to work with Audacity a bit to change the sound volumes, but now it works great and I can send my clients an .mp3 of their session, just like when I did sessions on a landline. I haven’t tried it with my digital recorder yet, but I hope it’s as easy to use as with my computer. Now I can work from anywhere…literally! Thank you Igor!

  2. Chris Ditto (verified owner)

    Worked exactly as I had hoped. Excellent product. I use it with my iPhone with my apple headphones and I record to an external digital recorder. Works every time.

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