About RECAP Audio Adapters

Hi all! I’m Igor Ramos, the creator of the RECAP Audio Adapters.  Thanks for visiting my website.

The idea for RECAP came about because of my own need: there were a few important calls I wanted to record but I found no easy way to do so. All prior solutions out there were too complicated or just didn’t do the job.  I just needed a simple device to “splice” the my calls into a recording device.

It was in 2011 when I started experimenting with audio interface circuits and after many engineering hours I came up with a great design to extract audio from a phone call.

It was only when I learned about the crowd-funding website Kickstarter in 2013 that I decided to make RECAP available to other people with similar needs. I showed my first prototype at Kickstarter and after a lot of work it received over $30,000 in pledges to fund the RECAP adapters…. and the rest is history. Thanks to these early supporters is that you can now also purchase RECAP.

Thanks to all Kickstarter backers!


Kickstarter Fundraising History:


Thank you for checking out RECAP!

-Igor Ramos


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